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About me
i'm colleen. legal age limit. slippery rock university. sport management major. i live for my cat, food, sleeping, sephora makeup, my friends, and my iphone.
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“The weak fall, but the strong will remain and never go under!”

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i just want you to look in my eyes and say you love me too. plus on top of everything happening, tomorrow will be a semi hard day.

my man, friend, and greatest suppoter.

it’s crazy that i never thought i’d be falling for you the way that i am. it’s even crazier that i love the feeling of falling in love with you. i guess this is what it’s like to feel like an adult in a semi normal relationship.

the best man

i’m literally dating the best man. words cannot describe how much i actually love and appreciate him. for once, i’m considering myself pretty damned lucky.

southern comfort kissed

you’ve never ever kissed me in public and last night you did it anytime you had the chance. from kissing me while i was waiting for gas and stopped at the red light, it was perfect. that is until you started coming down from your alcohol induced high and became your old self again. i like the happy you. the you that i can sit with and talk to for hours. the version of you that i can kiss for hours with and cuddle with on the couch. bring that person back and keep him here. forever. 

it’s not over… is it?

i hate when my mother tries to get into my relationship. first you were all for me dating now you want me to call it off because he is going to michigan. like no. i’m trying to make this work. The only thing is… is he? hopefully freshman year wont get to him and we’ll be okay. 

WVU Mountaineers

so i took a day trip to see this guy. he’s pretty bomb. no joke. we watched a movie, he bought me pizza, talked, joked around, cuddled and kissed. plus he actually knows how to carry on a conversation. i know it’s premature but it seemed like things could possibly take a turn for the better. This time, i honestly cannot wait to see what the future holds. Fingers Crossed!

new & old

as much as i hate this long distance thing, i really don’t want this to end. Although i can;t help but think about the advice in which i was given: to let you go and live your freshman year. college is a whole new ball game and i’m honestly so scared to actually tell you how i feel. 

looking back

as i look back on my old posts, i know exactly who they are about. It’s crazy how i thought the potential love of my life was amazing in every way; yet come to find that it was just another learning experience. Also, how i’ve never really given any thought into the one person who truly makes me happy (even though we aren’t in constant communication), yet he was there for me through every tear the last month. My life may not be perfect and i may run into hardships, but it makes and molds me into who i am today. 

clothes. love. life. summer.

i really just want to get back into the gym. i make the best and healthiest shopping list and nothing ever gets bought. then my family wants to call me fat. like no. obviously i’m trying to better myself, yet you don’t want to stand behind me. this just goes to show that i need to finally get my own car (that means actually going to get it with someone) and getting my life back on track. i just want to be skinny. period.